Attachment Awareness in Schools Training

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‘Inside I’m Hurting’

Supporting the pupil who has experienced significant  relational traumas and losses

Day 1:

This day of training is suitable for a wide range of professionals and parents/carers who are interested in understanding how to settle a troubled pupil to learn within the education context. It is intended to inspire those who attend, enabling them to realize that they can all contribute and make a difference whatever their role or responsibility.

The day will also encourage alternative practices in schools by using an attachment framework to understand behavior as communication.


Themes covered:

  •  Identifying those who are at risk within education
  • Understanding the need for translation due to insecure attachment
  • Understanding why investing into relationships is vital for adaption and recovery
  • Differentiating emotional and social tasks and expectations
  • The nervous system and the optimum state for learning
  • Stress regulators vs behavior managers
  • Behaviour as communication
  • Connection first
  • The reality of secondary stress
  • Staff care
  • The Attachment framework
  • The impact of developmental trauma
  • The Attachment Aware School
  • Facilitating over compensatory safety
  • Co- regulation
  • Being kept in mind
  • Developing a robust sense of self

‘What About Me?’

What might attachment support look like during a school day?

Day 2

This day is intended for education staff and parents/carers who have completed Day 1.

This day is much more interactive than Day 1 and therefore a smaller audience is best.

Delegates will get more out of the day if they read back over their notes from Day 1 and come willing to contribute. Day 2 assumes knowledge of the principles and practices covered in Day 1. Throughout the day participants will have opportunity to reflect upon how to extend Attachment Awareness in everyday practices within school.

Themes covered:

  • Revision of the principles behind the need for Attachment Support in schools
  • The Attachment Support Pyramid for Schools
  • Attachment Leads
  • The Developmental Trauma Tree
  • The Big Ask
  • Facilitating the optimal classroom environment
  • Arrival – meet & greet
  • Settling to learn
  • Getting organised
  • Holding onto success
  • Supporting clear thinking
  • Transitions – the expected and the unexpected
  • Perseverance
  • Staff care


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