Trauma Responsive Education

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Course Title: Trauma Responsive Education

Updating policy and practice in the educational context.
Presented by Louise Michelle Bombér

Course Summary:

Who is the training for?
Headteachers, Senior Managers, SENDCos, Inclusion Managers and School Governors who are committed to policy change. This course is not for the faint hearted. We need brave leaders who will make their stand in this inclusive revolution.
How long is the training?
The training is 7 days, taking place over the course of an academic year, with roughly one day each half term.

What will we cover?
We will use Louise Michelle Bomber’s most recent book Know Me to Teach Me, integrating the work of Dr Bruce Perry, Dr Stephen Porges, Dr Dan Hughes and Dr Gabor Mate and translating it into everyday life. This seven-day training will offer Senior Managers and policy-makers the opportunity to deeply consider current educational practices in light of what we now know about Adverse Childhood Experiences and other relational traumas, including the impact of COVID-19 upon the mental health and well-being of children and young people. The course will challenge current approaches which still focus on withdrawing relationship when the going gets tough, instead of offering rich, relational practice. The soaring exclusion rates and distress witnessed in recent years evidence that there is much that needs to change within our education system here in the UK. Now is the time to update our policies and practices, asking ourselves what has happened to our children in order for them to do what they do, and proactively intervening in order to meet the needs of ALL children, no matter what they have lived. Our learning journey will be compassion-focused.

The training will cover:
• The significance of establishing safety.
• The theory and practice of attunement.
• Respecting biology through the use of the polyvagal theory.
• Exploring the work of Dr Bruce Perry including the neurosequential model of support.
• An introduction to DDP (Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy) informed practice.
• Stage- and state-dependent differentiated teaching and discipline.
• The creation of an Attachment Aware and Trauma Responsive school relationship policy

This course is open to both individual practitioners to attend a central hub or to individual schools, local authorities, virtual school teams or other organisations wishing to run the course within their own localities, under their professional body.

Day 1- 19/11/2021
Day 2- 17/12/2021
Day 3- 21/1/2022
Day 4- 25/02/2022
Day 5- 18/03/2022
Day 6- 29/04/2022
Day 7-27/05/2022

Delivered via Zoom.
Application Deadline: 29th October 2021
Cost: £1175 per person

Deposit £600 to secure your place, balance to be paid 20 days before 19th November 2021

A word from Louise,
‘This course is for those who have been given the authority by their school or authority to write a school policy from scratch together with us on the course. The policy written will be attachment aware and trauma responsive. On day 7 you will be asked to briefly present the policy you have written and you will give it in for assessment at the end of the day. Your school or authority will be listed on our website as AATR…attachment aware and trauma responsive.’

To apply for this course, please contact our training co-ordinator:


Further Information

To apply for this course, please contact our training co-ordinator contact

Download Course Flyer

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