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Existing & Prospective Attachment Leads

Resources for Schools & Authorities

Valuing the significance of Key Adult Leads and Strategic Attachment Leads in Schools

This is the national website for Attachment Leads in Schools.

Here you will find information on what attachment is, what attachment aware schools are and most importantly, profiles of the key education staff in the UK already trained up in advocacy and good practice, supporting pupils with attachment difficulties to settle to learn.

Whether you are a parent/carer hoping for support for your child, or a Key Adult wanting to know if there is anyone else out there doing what you do - this site is for you! You are not alone.

Many people up and down the country are now part of this inclusive revolution.


We are determined to ensure that pupils will no longer be misunderstood or excluded because of behaviours linked to having experienced toxic stress through relational traumas and losses.


We are determined to help more and more people understand that behaviour is communication. That behaviour can be understood and worked with when we look at it through an attachment framework. Our pupils are not mad or bad. They need our support and it isn’t complicated.


We can change our perceptions and we can change our ways of being, relating and doing.


Relationships really matter. Together we can support pupils with insecure attachment difficulties move towards learned security & genuinely thrive in the school context.

What is Attachment?

Attachment is a relational bond.  This bond is intended to serve two functions; a protective function and an exploratory function.  The protective function is intended to keep... More...

What is an Attachment Lead?

This is a vital role in schools. An Attachment Lead is someone who advocates for pupils who have experienced significant relational traumas and losses in their lives to dates. More...

Becoming an Attachment Lead 

Children spend many hours, days, weeks, months, terms and years with us in school. What a difference YOU could make! Relationships matter and we are determined to get relationships very... More...

What is an Attachment Aware School?

An attachment aware school is one where the whole staff: Have a good understanding of the impact of significant relational traumas and losses upon pupils Have attachment principles firmly embedded.. More...

Making a Difference by Investing More

If we invest into relationships we won’t need to spend so much time preoccupied by those GCSE targets and league tables! We will be freed up to invest our time into teaching. More...

Resources for Schools & Authorities

Here you will find links to resources for schools and local authorities that are interested in in the significant benefits realised through investing in Attachment Leads. More...

The Attachment Lead Network

Here you will be able to find profiles of the key education staff in the UK already trained up in advocacy and good practice, supporting pupils to settle to learn. More...




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