How Can a School or Authority Get Trained Up?

It is really important that every school has at least one or two days training in attachment principles and practice to ensure that staff have a good understanding and awareness of the latest findings in child development, attachment and neuroscience.

However do ensure that all trainings also include practical strategies as the purpose of this training is to gently challenge our practice in schools.

It is vital that the educational experience of troubled pupils is impacted for the better. Too many children and young people have been misunderstood to date and many have had very stressful experiences in school.

We want schools to become the best places for children and young people to thrive – whatever their starting point even if they have experienced toxic stress, for example abuse and neglect.

If you are interested in having an experienced teacher practitioner into your school who not only is well versed in the latest developments but is in school too integrating it all into everyday practice then please contact who will either put you in touch with a regional or national Strategic Attachment Lead Teacher to deliver Day 1 and Day 2 training in your local area.

If you are an individual interested in this training but unable to get your school on board YET then do still get in touch as we also run these courses in Milton Keynes for individuals.



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