Attachment Aware & Trauma Informed Training Courses

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Training courses suitable for individuals, professionals and parent /carers

This training is suitable for a wide range of professionals and parents/carers who are interested in understanding how to settle a troubled pupil to learn within the education context.

General Course Outline

Courses for individual schools, cluster of schools, authorities and organisations

The Consortium for Emotional Well-Being in Schools recommends at least 2 days of whole school training in attachment aware and trauma informed approaches. Our Day 1 ‘Inside I’m Hurting’ and Day 2 ‘What about me?’ training courses can be brought in by organisations.

It is also recommended that schools choose a senior manager and a member of support staff from their school to become Attachment Leads.

The 7 day modular training course has been developed in response to the demand for an intensive course to enable school staff themselves to become Attachment Leads in their schools and local authorities.





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